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Ganesh FestivalTo earn freedom, with this constructive motive, to unite people Lokmanya Tilak started Ganesh Festival. But recently the appearance of this festival is deteriorating; inappropriate music, toxic consumption and ignorance towards constructive work, intellects and thinkers displayed their annoyance at different instances. Change has to occur, the workers are to be awakened, and their youth power has to be directed towards the betterment of the society.

The festival must be celebrated to gratify the intention of Lokmanya Tilak.
So consciously the trust started putting efforts in those times. On 9th
August 1988 first convention of Maharashtra’s Public Ganesh Festival was held. Vidharbha, West Maharashtra and Kokan workers from these areas participated in this convention. According to the five official sources the instillation of Lord Ganesha is followed on the same auspicious time. Lord Ganesha is worshiped morning and evening on the scheduled time every day. Pride of Maharashtra Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and founder of Public Ganesh festival Lokmanya Tilak, their idols started instilling in the Ganesh marquee by the workers. Flag of Bhagvat Religion is fluttering on the top of the Festival marquee. The practice of tossing colours is reduced. Gambling, toxic consumption is reduced; increasing women participation, there’s escalation in the festivals purity and auspiciousness. This occurred due the social and religious binding. Under Ganesh Festival Mahamandal Tatyasaheb Godse and Jayantrao Salgoankar’s guidance workers started doing constructive and positive work. Unity was followed like never before.

Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh ChaturthiEvery year on ganeshchaturthi, Lord ganesha is offered prayers in the dawn and is adorned with jewels and new costume. After seeing the pleasant and unusually beautiful Shree Ganesha worshipers bow down in devotion. Big procession is carried with Lord Ganesha sitting in a beautiful chariot adorned by flowers. Numerous activists play drums, kettledrum, and band and in such an enthusiastic environment Shree Ganesha’s procession enter the marquee thus spreading the devotional aura everywhere. Every year for shree Ganesh marquee decoration replica of various Temples, Excellent sculptures, Palaces, etc are constructed.

Installation of Shree Ganesh Idol
Instillation of ganesh idolEvery year on the auspicious time people from religious and spiritual spectra instill the Ganesh Idol following the rites. Every year new idol is bougth fro the festivity and the instillation and immersion of this idol is done following all the rites and rituals. Some well-educated and famous Purohit performs rites.



Ganapti Atharvashirsha Ganapati Atharvashirsha
One would hear the verses of Ganapti Atharvashirsha every morning at 5 O’clock in the Ganesh marquee during the festival. Students from different schools in pune participate in this recitation every day in the morning at 5 o’clock regularly. They come here with their own wish. Entire environment is filled with auspicious melody. These students are deposit of the Indian tradition. These are the result of the efforts taken by the trust to instill our tradition, our culture, God, Religion in these students.


Shree’s Grand Adoration
Shree’s Grand AdorationEvery day at the break of dawn worshipers gather to offer their prayers in the marquee of shree Ganesh. Couples sit together to offer their adoration. They personally offer coronation of Ganapati Bappa. After that student recite verses of Atharvashirsha and grand adoration is offered making the most sanctify environment. Many temples prohibit the couples can offer their adoration to the lord personally even if they wish to do so. There the rites are conducted with their name on their behalf. But here in our temple the couples with their families can pay homage personally as per the tradition. The materials required during these rituals are provided by the trust. Only the offering to be made to the God is to be bought by the devotee. After performing the adoration the worshipper feels blessed and feels as if he has obtained his purpose. The Satisfaction on their face is the ray of inspiration for us.

Ganesh Yag
Ganesh YagEvery year ganesh festival starts on Rishi Panchami i.e. from the second day in the Ganesh marquee holy Ganesh Yag begins. Material required for this Ganesh Yag is provided by the trust. For the yaga host worshipper enrolls, rest of the family can also participate in the yag. Approximately two to three hours are required to perform this traditional ritual and worshippers get the satisfaction of fulfilling their desire to perform this Ganesh yag. This Ganesh Yag is performed for five days. Vedmurti Yeshwant Rahurkar and Milind Rahurkar and similarly Shree Nataraj perform Ganesh yag as per the tradition.

Rishi panchami
Rishi panchamiRishi Panchami occurs on the second of Ganesh Chaturthi. On this auspicious day approximately 11000 married women dressed traditionally at the brek of dawn are present at the marquee of Ganesh festival. They recite verses of Atharvashrish and Omkara and Devotional songs of Shree Gajanan in a very disciplined manner making the surrounding enticing. This event is the result of the efforts taken by the trust to encorage ladies participation and making the festival more auspicious.

Rishitullya, such highly expirenced person is invited as the chief guest and we get enriched by their thoughts and blessings. Ladies participate in this event very enthusiastically. This event is organized the ladies section of the trust. After the event each one is given the offerings made to the God. During this distribution there is no hustle bustle or any kind of confusion or disorder they all work in discipline. It feels as if flood of devotees has occurred.

Auspicious prayer of Shree Ganesh.
worshippingEvery morning at five o’clock first grand adoration takes place along with recitation of the grand prayer. This worshipping continues till 2’o’clock in tha afternoon. And in the evening at 7 and in the night at 8:30 Prayers are offered along with the food offering made to the Lord Ganesh.




Work during Ganesh Festival
Work during Ganesh Festival From ganesh Chaturthi to Ananta Chaturthi, these ten days 240 hours the workers work continuously uninterrupted. They offer their services to lord ganesha. Suvarna Yug Youth Club organizes Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Festival. Club Activist devoid of from their personal business and work and for ten days they offer their services for the festival. Early morning at 3:30 AM Ganesh Festival marquee is cleaned and arrangements for the required material for the adoration is made. Seating arrangement for the kids is made who gather there for the recitation of Atharvashirsha. They are given the food offering made to the God. Offerings made to lord Ganesh in the form of Coconut, food, etc is accepted, To distribute this food offerings made to lord among the devotees, To make arrangements for the Ganesh Yag, To make arrangements for the guests participating the festival, To take care of the devotees needs and their conveniences, To clean the festival marquee, To accept and account the offerings made by the devotees in form of coronation and donation, To provide the receipt for their offerings and to collect all the offerings made and lay the account for the same. To offer prayers at regular intervals, to make arrangements for the devotees who come pay visit to the lord, to count the amount denoted by the devotees and to deposit it in the Trust account. The activist performs all these tasks very diligently and sincerely. These are very difficult tasks to perform but with the Lord Ganesha’s blessings the activist perform them with ease.

Immersion Procession
Immersion ProcessionOn the day of immersion, Lord Ganesha is carried from the festival marquee towards the temple in the grand procession. At 6 ‘o’clock in the morning the workers conduct the first congregation and offer their prayers and in the evening in the beautifully adorned chariot Lord Ganesha is carried in the immersion procession. Activists participate in the procession wearing very clean traditional white attire in a very disciplined manner. Women participation is appreciable. The atmosphere is full of enthusiasm and devotion. Atmosphere is jubilant with devotional songs and chants of Lord Ganesha. Traditional drums, kettledrum, and band add the rhythm. Devotional songs and patriotic songs hold attention. Right in front of the procession clarinet kettledrum is played. Various schools flag Immersion Processionsquads grab attention and in this auspicious festival their completeness is established in this procession. Procession is carried from laxmi road and from here they move forward and as the chariot move forward devotees gather to catch the glimpse of Lord Ganesha. Devotees from the roadside buildings pay their homage and devotees from far of places gather especially for dagdusheth Ganapati to catch glimpse of lord and feel very blessed. Lord Ganesha’s instilled idol is immersed after offering prayers and recitation of atharvashirsha in the river located at Lakdi pool, Khandujibaba chowk. “Ganapati Bappa Morya Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar ya” slogans fill the atmosphere. Thus the completeness of this extra ordinary, beautiful, unique festival is established.


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